Ventilation Services  in Crockett Texas

Ventilation systems are a priority for businesses. In many instances, ventilation systems protect your business. The health of employees, visitors, and customers depends upon it. Businesses with faulty ventilation are likely to be cited by local and federal governments. We service the following ventilation systems:

Indoor Air Quality Ventilation

Businesses need better ventilation to have good indoor air quality. Some businesses are likely to have a buildup of contaminants called volatile organic compounds or VOCs. VOCs, come from many sources including carpeting, chemicals, cleaning supplies, paint, and copying machines. Your existing HVAC system can’t help with VOCs. Likewise, commercial buildings can’t open the windows. Local ventilation in the form of exhaust fans is needed in areas where contamination exists. Supply air fans should be placed in inhabited areas. Energy Recovery Ventilation helps recoup the costs of moving air outside and bringing fresh air inside.

Dilution Ventilation 

This system dilutes contaminants in the air with fresh air. The most practical solution to mixing the air in a commercial building is the use of an air mover.

Local Exhaust Ventilation

This system captures contaminants at the source. The first part of the system is a hood that captures contaminants. Next, there needs to be a duct that carries contaminants away from the area. Filters clean the air and a fan blows the air out. Finally, a discharge stack carriers the air through a non-return valve.

We service the following:


  • exhaust hoods
  • exhaust fans
  • restaurant kitchen hoods
  • exhaust ventilation for commercial kitchens
  • dilution ventilation
  • local exhaust ventilation
  • Ducts
  • Ductwork
  • cooling fans
  • exhaust ventilation for bathroom


Getting maintenance today does the following:

  • reduces energy bills
  • lowers the number of service calls
  • keeps the business operating
  • protects the health of equipment

Your existing ventilation system may be too far gone to repair. Or, the system may be too small for your needs. We’ll install a new system quickly and safely. Electrical work is involved, so this is not a job that consumers should try themselves.

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Avoid sick building syndrome

A building is identified as sick when a number of people who work or live there have common symptoms. These symptoms include:

  • skin conditions
  • headaches
  • aches and pains
  • Fatigue
  • lack of concentration
  • Nausea
  • eye and throat irritation

The symptoms should disappear when a person leaves the building. Experts think poor ventilation is the major cause of sick building syndrome. The syndrome is a side effect of buildings being made more energy efficient. Buildings were made so airtight that airflow was decreased. The ventilation must be improved in sick buildings.

Maintaining point-source exhaust wherever contaminants exist is key to avoiding sick building syndrome. Contaminants are found everywhere including indoor pools, stovetops, and showers. Other sources of contaminants include combustible appliances, chemicals, and paint. Exhaust systems are just part of making the building healthy. Outside air must be able to get into the building.

We’ll assess the building for the syndrome by inspecting the HVAC system and other ventilation. We’ll look for contaminants and other sources of pollution. Major problems like mold may require remediation to get spores out of the air. 

The Importance of Kitchen Ventilation

Improve ventilation in many areas before contaminants become a problem. Many restaurant owners don’t know how to properly clean a kitchen exhaust hood. They believe wiping down the outside of the exhaust hood is enough. However, they learn the truth when there’s a fire. Let the experts show you how to properly clean the exhaust hood. Cleaning the kitchen exhaust system includes the hood, filters, fans, and all connecting ductwork. Kitchens doing solid fuel cooking, like barbeque places, need to have the exhaust system cleaned monthly. Systems that do high-volume cooking and wok cooking should be cleaned quarterly.

The Importance of Bathroom Ventilation

Mold growth can happen anytime there’s moisture in the bathroom. The best way to avoid contaminants is to install the proper ventilation system. Ventilation specialists make sure the system has the following:

  • proper working fans
  • proper ventilation
  • good indoor air quality.

Installation specialists also clean the dust that collects in the fans to prevent them from working properly. 

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