Professional Commercial Air Conditioning Services in Crockett, TX

In the present-day, most of us take air conditioning as a given. For many people, it’s very convenient to instantly cool down a room, especially when it’s very hot and for some, they even consider it a life-saving necessity. If not properly maintained, your air conditioning unit can fall into disrepair, resulting in very uncomfortable conditions. Fortunately, breakdowns can be prevented and air conditioning units can function smoothly throughout summer.

How can air condition services help you?

Routine AC unit maintenance by a licensed professional can discourage the need for system repairs, down the road. You need to have your AC units regularly checked up every year so that it functions well and it is most preferable that you have this scheduled maintenance before summer. Hotter temperatures will cause a quicker burnout if there is something wrong with the unit.

Professionals performing air condition services will:

  • recalibrating the thermostat
  • look for safety hazards, clean the coils
  • remove debris from in and around the unit
  • straighten coil fins
  • measuring refrigerant liquid levels
  • checking for leaks
  • replace or clean the air filter

Because these expert professionals are specialists in all facets of air conditioning, they can quickly identify issues, offer solutions, and express suggestions when it is time to replace a part or a whole system. These skilled experts make it a point to remain abreast of best practices, safety concerns, and how best to interact with customers. They will get your office back to functionality and explain how you can help it stay that way.

When should you call a professional?

There are certain AC problems that you can notice right away, while other ones might not be so obvious. While there are some problems that the business owner can fix themselves, there are much more that needs to be handled by the professional. They know air conditioners well and can fix your problem fast and are less likely to make a mistake. Below you will find some signs to watch out for that means it is time to have a professional come over to your business.

Commercial space is too hot

If you have done everything like block out sun and increase airflow but your business is still hot, there is likely a problem with your air conditioning unit. If cold air is not coming out of your unit, and instead it’s hot air, it’s time to call a professional to help out.

There are uneven temperatures throughout the building

Truth be told rooms that are higher up usually become the hottest. The rising heat is one of the many reasons for this happening. While this is normal, what isn’t normal is experiencing extremely different temperatures in different rooms throughout the building. This is usually a sign that vents, ductwork or even the filter itself are problematic. It is easy for business owners to change the air filters of their AC unit but when it comes to the cleaning and the checking of the AC’s ductwork then a professional should be the one to do it always.

Energy bills are extraordinarily high

When you get an unusually higher energy bill this may signal that double the efforts are exerted by your unit. Your air conditioner may be working harder than it should because of a crack in a window or door seal, a leak in the ductwork, dirty coils inside the unit. A professional AC technician knows what common causes to look for and will resolve your problem quickly, which will save you money on future energy bills.

There is restricted airflow

Weak airflow from a vent won’t cool a building down. A service professional on air conditioning units can see if the problem is with the compressor or with the ducts.

The thermostat is not working

It is very frustrating when the thermostat doesn’t work but everything else does. A professional can fix the problem by checking the wiring, calibrating the temperature readings, and fixing the device if it’s not working.

You experience loud noises or bad smells

When the AC unit starts to make grinding or scratching noises this warrants a call to the AC professional. A professional will know whether the problem is with the belt or some other part and will make the necessary repair before further damage can occur. Another indication that something has gone wrong is bad smells coming from the vents. The smell of burnt wires or mold should prompt you to call in a professional to inspect and repair your air conditioner.

The unit is leaking

It’s time to call in professional help if you see liquid leaking from your air conditioner. If the condensation tube has cracked, the leaking liquid could be water. But most leaks involve the toxic refrigerant. Always assume the worst and call in a professional when your air conditioner is leaking.