Crockett Texas Professional AC Replacement Services

If you have your air conditioner serviced regularly, it should last you ten years or more. If you’ve lived in your home for a long time, it would be normal to go through multiple air conditioning units at the same residence. If your AC is approaching the end of its operational life, it would be an excellent time to start looking into your replacement requirements.

AC units usually break down when we are in the middle of summer. Many families want to have a comfortable space and so end up making hasty decisions to replace their unit. Calling an AC replacement technician is a great choice to prevent this from happening to you, as they can help you find out all your options before the summer comes. They can assess your home to know the unit that is most compatible there.

If you find that your air conditioner has suddenly stopped working all you have to do is to give a call to the HVAC professionals so that they can get your unit up and running again immediately. To learn more about what’s involved in replacing an AC system, continue reading below.

AC Repair vs AC Replacement

If your unit isn’t used for even a decade and it’s not working properly, you may not want to replace your unit before at least trying a few repairs on it. However, you should be aware that, while repairs may seem to cost less at first, they could end up costing you more in the long run. When would it be advisable for you to fix, and when would it be a good idea for you to replace? See our rundown of recommendations beneath to assist you with deciding a game-plan.

Unit is nearing the ten year mark

If the air conditioning unit that you are using is already ten years old it may be high time that you start your search for its replacement. The cost of having constant repairs on an old AC unit would be heftier in the pocket in the long term over simply having it replaced.

Unit sustained minor damage to an internal part

If there is only a part in your air conditioner that is broken then this means that there is no need to have the whole unit replaced. If your AC unit is relatively young and the problem is minor, having it repaired will be affordable to you and you may still be able to use the AC unit for a few more years.

Unit is leaking refrigerant

When you find that your AC unit leaks out liquids especially refrigerants then this is a signal that there is something wrong with it. Often, when an air conditioner is leaking, it’s more cost effective to replace it than to repair it.

Unit needs a new compressor

Perhaps the most expensive air conditioner repair is the replacement of the compressor. In some instances, like when an AC unit is quite old, purchasing a new one may end up being the more affordable option versus making repairs.

Recently added more space to your home

If you have made adjustments to your home, you should consider upgrading your device to make it suit the new needs of your home. If the AC unit is allowed to cool a larger space then this can strain it so you need to make changes to your AC unit if there is a bigger area to cool now. An expert can measure your home and evaluate what AC replacement unit would be best for the new space.

Unit not cooling the house to your preferences

While your first impulse may be to blame your indoor temperature issues on the unit itself, the problem could be with the ductwork, insulation, or vents. Before you conclude that your unit needs to be replaced already then it is better that you have it inspected first by a certified professional.

What types of AC units are available today?

Chances are, replacing your AC unit is a bigger deal than you might believe. The last time you chose an AC unit, you probably didn’t have all of the options that are available now that are products of upgraded technology. An air conditioning expert can guide you through multiple options and assist you in looking for an ideal unit for your home.

A split system is the most common air conditioning unit, and it contains a condenser coil outside the unit with the evaporator coil in the HVAC unit indoors. These units are often best used in homes with already established ductwork, and the market already has units that are energy efficient. With a geothermal variation available for colder regions, heat pumps are common in milder climates.

Ductless mini-split systems can be a good option for houses without ductwork, as they use wall mounted blowers in every room you wish to keep cool. Such devices can be beneficial if some rooms do not need cool air to reduce costs. However, there are no-cost savings if the homeowner is using them to cool down the entire home—in which case they could end up costing even more than an HVAC unit.